NewAir 12 Bottle Small Wine Fridge | 2017 Review

A Wine fridge is used for keeping the wines at the desired temperature cold enough to be served.

This is also referred as Wine coolers.

Normally, these types of wine fridges are small and always stored in an easy to access location.

It is a table-top unit that is used for maintaining the temperature cool enough to serve the wines.  This unit could store a single unit or multiple units of wine bottle.

On the contrary wine cellar is a large storage unit for wines to protect against the exposure to heat and temperature fluctuations that harms the wine.

Small Wine Fridge | Serving Wine Just Right:

Wine is a very important part of western culture. Traditionally the restaurants that serve the best wine are regarded high and it’s regarded as a crowd pleaser. Serving wine at the right temperature ensures the wine to taste better.

Even the smell of the wine can be mesmerizing if served right. Wine lovers love both the taste and the smell to be just right, when they taste their choice of wine. Tannins are the term referred to define the taste, color, age and texture of wine.

Generally speaking, in order to enunciate the tannins and acidity of the wine, it needs to be served at low temperatures.

This suppresses the aroma of the wine. Contrarily in order to enunciate the aroma, the wine is served at higher temperature. The sweet and sparkling wines are served at the lowest temperature of 43-50 °F.

The light/medium bodied whites wines are served chilled at 45-50 °F. Light bodied reds are lightly chilled at 50-54 °F. Medium or full bodied red wines are served at 57-64 °F.

Types of Wine Coolers:

There are different types of small wine fridge based on cooling technique, the storage type and multiple temperature Zones.  They are listed as follows.

  • Cooling Technique:
    • Compressor Units: Stores wine at very low temperature, longer durability, louder and heavier as well.
    • Thermoelectric Units: Latest in technology and best used for small sized fridge. It’s extremely quiet and efficient. Not suited for a very warm environment.
  • Storage Type :
    • Counter Top Coolers: To store lesser number of wine bottles.
    • Built In Coolers: To store in Cabinet space, this is the most expensive as it doesn’t need any space around the unit.
    • Free Standing Coolers: Comes in many sizes and better price range.
  • Temperature zone:
    • Single Zone: Coolers with just single temperature maintained throughout the unit.
    • Dual Zone: Unit allows the wine to be maintained in two different temperatures. 

NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler:

New Air is one of the renowned manufacturers of small wine fridges using the more advanced up to date technology. Their constant desire to design an exceptional and efficient cooler unit has made the brand more reliable.

Also they spend a fortune on research and testing to provide the best possible product for the customers. This makes the cooler incomparable to other major brands available in the market. Let us review the NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Countertop Wine Cooler.

Best Features:

  • Design: This cooler is perfectly designed as the table top appliance. It is compact and large enough to hold 12 wine bottles. The size makes it a perfect candidate for those who doesn’t have enough floor space to afford for a cooler. This can be stored in an easy to access location. Perfect for home. For restaurants it acts as a temporary storage unit for wine bottles before being served to customers.
  • Interior LED lights: This unit comes with in-built LED lights in order to view the collection of wines available. One can be proud of their vintage collection by showcasing their collection.
  • Thermostatic Technology: The cooler uses the most advanced latest technology thermostatic cooling to cool the wine. This technology makes the cooler quieter with no loud noises. Also the cooler is free from any sort of vibration. This unit ensures that the wine is well rested without any major cons for a table top unit. Provides the wine exact cooling temperature in order to preserve the acidity, tannins and the reflective index levels. So the wine is stored in the perfect suitable environment to bring out the best taste.

Customized Cooling: This cooler allows us to customize the required temperature for the wine. The wine can be stored in the temperature range of 50-66 ° F can be maintained. Making this unit perfect for storing both the white and red wines, medium and heavy bodied wines.

With the advanced technology, the wines are always maintained in a ready to be served chilled temperature often making the special occasions more special at home. Also at restaurants this helps to bag the best customer reviews as it instills the best tasting wine.

  • Easy to Use: This unit has a very easy to push button controls to set a preferred temperature. The digital thermostat also helps in adjusting the temperature with the easy to view temperature display.
  • Sturdy Racks: The unit comes with the three wine shelves. These are very sturdy making it perfect for the regular use in restaurants. The sliding feature makes the unit easier to handle to view the collection and make a selection easily. 

 Negative Points:

The best merchandises always come with a price. So NewAir AW-121E also comes with few of the disadvantages.

  1. Durability: As with all the thermoelectric coolers, the durability is less compared to the compressor style coolers.
  2. Consumes more power: When compared with similar products available in the market, the NewAir cooler consumes more power. Because the unit is running constantly without being shutting off, once the preferred temperature is reached.
  3. Not Suitable for Sweeter/Sparkling wines: The lowest temperature possible with this cooler is 50° F. This will not be enough for the dessert type wines and sweet wines which needs to be cooled to lowest temperature of 45° F for the best tasting wine.
  4. Suited for indoors: This cooler really struggles when the temperature is very warm. It consumes more power to reach the required chillness in a warm ambient environment. It really can perform at the direct exposure of sun. So its best suited for colder environments and for indoor storage.

Free Download NEWAIR AW-121E OWNER’S MANUAL Pdf Download. – ManualsLib

 Advantages over competition:

The features that make this cooler to stand out from the rest of the competitors are

  1. Inexpensive: The NewAir Aw-121E is the best non-vibrating thermostatic wine coolers available for a every reasonable price. Even with the shipping included this is the cheapest cooler available in the current market
  2. Compact: Design of this countertop is very compact and one of the best rated among the customers for its space saving design and stands out in the wine cooler reviews.
  3. Accommodates different Sizes: By removing one or two sliding racks, we can accommodate all kinds of wines ranging from The capacity of the fridge is 12 bottles with the standard size bottles but when you want to accommodate
  4. Replacement Parts: The replacements parts for this cooler are easily available and the best customer service is provided.


      The New Air AW121 is best suited for the red and white wines for which moderate cooling temperature is enough to bring out the taste and tannins.

Compared to the compressor style coolers, the New Air AW121 is the thermostatic cooling which doesn’t emit any toxic gases.

This cooler is shipped with excellent packaging of double boxes with the layered foam. This ensures no damage while delivering the product. The setup and the installation are extremely easy with up and down buttons.

With the very quick temperature drop, to adjust to the required or preferred temperature this New Air AW121 is the perfect free standing counter top wine cooler.

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