Haier 12 Bottle Wine Cooler | Dual Zone Cellar Review – 2017

Maintaining consistent temperature settings is the main aspect required to store wine.

This would ensure retaining the taste of the wine and promote smooth aging of the wine.

There are small countertop models, freestanding wine coolers, built-in versions and cellar cooling units.

For a start, a 12-bottle cooler would be all that is required. Haier 12 bottle cooler has been one of the most popular models in the small wine cooler segment.

Reasonably priced for the features, this is a great cooler for any casual wine collector.

Features of the Haier 12 bottle wine cooler / cellar:

First look:

The Haier 12 bottle cooler comes with a sleek styling. Curved door, smoked black-toned glass and the black trim and cabinet perfectly complement the exterior styling which is top notch. So, you can store your wine bottles in style with this wine cooler.

Good looks do not have to compromise on the features and this cooler is the perfect example. This also comes with two zones which could be set at different temperatures in each.

There are 6 wide storage racks in the cooler which provide convenient storage while safely and snugly holding your bottles in place.

The shape of the storage racks is such that your bottles can be held in place and do not move around even when there are very less number of bottles. The cooler also comes with a compact body and would not take up much space in your room.So in the first look, this cooler will leave you impressed.

Dual zone design:

Red wines and white wines need different temperature settings. So to store them in their ideal surroundings, this model comes with 2 different storage sections sorted for red and white wines. And the control panel allows you to set the temperature of each zone individually.

Looking at the features:

Here are some of the best features of the Haier dual zone wine cooler.

  • Dimensions:

Width x depth x height (inches)-9.9 x 20.3 x 26

For a 12 bottle version, this free standing model is quite compact.

The weight of the cooler is moderate- 31.3 lbs

  • Display and control panel:

Dual LED display to indicate the temperature settings and a twin touchscreen panel for temperature adjustments make the operation of the device a breeze.

  • Storage racks:

There are six storage racks in total and 4 of them (2 in each section) come as removable shelves. These chrome removable racks come with dented sections to hold your bottles securely when you pull out the rack.

  • Temperature settings:

For the upper section comes with avariable temperature range between 46°F to 66°F. This makes the upper compartment ideal for the storage of red wine. The lower section for white wines has a temperature range between 54°F to 66°F. So give both your red and white wine collections their ideal temperature of storage.

  • Cooling mechanism:

The Haier wine cellar with 12 bottle storage option comes with thermoelectric cooling mechanism. Wine coolers, in general, come either with the traditional compressor-based cooling or the newer thermoelectric cooling mechanisms.

Compressor based cooling offers deep cooling even in the warmest areas. But they can be quite noisy. The coolers with compressor-based cooling are heavier too. Thermoelectric coolers are silent.

When you have your wine cooler installed in your bar region or your kitchen, you might not prefer a noisy one standing there all day long. So the quieter thermoelectric coolers are ideal for wine storage. Also, storage of wine does not require very low internal temperatures.

  • Inner lighting:

This wine cellar comes with asoft interior light option to view, organize and access your bottles with ease. You could turn the light on manually when required from the electronic control panel on the outside.

  • Energy efficiency:

The double pane glass door offers a great insulation and top notch energy ratings.

Some of the not so good aspects about the Haier wine cellar:

As observed from the Haier wine cooler reviews, here are some of the factors about the cooler that the users find a little disappointing in this 12 bottle cooler from Haier:

  1. The lack of lighting in the lower section is one of the biggest drawbacks. The soft lighting in the upper section makes it convenient to access bottles in the upper compartment. But the light is too soft and doesn’t light up the lower section. It would have been better if Haier had included a dedicated lighting section for the lower storage zone as well.
  2. There are some users who complain of noisy operation of the cooler. This is not a common opinion however as the thermoelectric cooling system makes this cooler a silent model worth buying. It is only not totally ultra-quiet as the manufacturer claims.
  3. It is definitely not the lightest model. But this is not that big a drawback to consider.
  4. The spacing of the racks might appear a bit too tight for some. The dented racks might take a little space and the overall height between the racks reduces a bit because of this. For very large bottles it might make this a bit inconvenient. But in most cases, average sized bottles conveniently sit in the racks without a trouble. 

How is the Haier 12 bottle wine cooler better than its competitors?

There is a stiff competition when it comes to the small wine cooler segment. Most wine average wine collectors can live with a 12-bottle cooler. So there are a lot of players in this market segment. But the 12-bottle Haier wine cellar does live in the competition fairly well thanks to its features and technology.

  • ThisHaier 12 bottle wine coolercomes with a negligible amount of vibration. In several smaller coolers, if there is internal vibration, then you might see bubbling of your wine. This is avoided in this wine cooler.
  • ThisHaier dual zone wine cooler offers dual storage zones which is not a feature that you would find in all the models in this segment. The temperature range allowed is also one of the best in class.

Energy efficiency of this cooler is also one of the best in the segment

  • No emission of CFC and other harmful hydrocarbons making the ecological footprint of this device quite small. Emission of harmful CFCs is one main drawback in most refrigerators and coolers
  • The wine coolers from Haier are low maintenance and are also known for their reliable performance.
  • The LED display and touchscreen also offer the most convenient user operation for the cooler.

The final verdict:

If you are looking for a small wine cooler to conveniently store up to 12 bottles, then this cooler from Haier is a great choice. It offers the best of both the worlds. It is compact but offers great features as in the top models.

The sleek design also makes it a great addition to your room and not to forget, it is quite silent.Adjusting the temperature through the touch screen panel on the outside is very simple and quick.

The Haier wine cooler reviews have been overall positive. This cooler has remained one of the top-selling models. So if you wish to invest in a relatively small wine cooler which also allows you to segregate and store your red and white wines in the right temperatures and do all of this in style, then this Haier wine cellar is your best bet.

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