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Wine cooler and wine cellar are every wine enthusiast’s need. Depending on the depth of his passion, he may use a wine cooler or wine cellar. If you need to stock wine only to get through your party a wine cooler will do it.

If you intend to buy rare collections of wine and age them then a wine cellar would be appropriate. These days’wine coolers have become more affordable and add to the overall aesthetics of the house. A quick check on the wine cooler reviews reveals that there are so many products available with various technical specifications. Despite numerous NewAir wine cooler reviews, we present top products in this category.

Best NewAir Wine Cooler Reviews – 2017 Models:

  1. NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
  2. Kalamera 12 Bottle Counter Top Stainless Steel
  3. Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing

NewAir AW-121E 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

This wine cooler comes with multiple bottle capacity – 12, 18, 32, 27, 28, 32, 33 bottles.

NewAir wine cooler reviews suggest that this wine cooler is a perfect size for countertops and wet parts.

This operates with a vibration free, silent thermoelectric motor. This ensures that there is no disturbance when it operates. The best features of the product are listed below –

  • Capacity – It has multiple bottle capacity with a minimum 12 bottle and maximum 33 bottles. There are slide out chrome shelves which can hold standard Bordeaux size bottles. If the user intends to use multiple size bottles, the shelves may have to be removed.
  • Control panel – An LED touch screen panel is used to control the settings and temperatures. There is soft LED illumination which provides a great inside view. The control panel is easy to use. If you have ample knowledge about temperatures for various types of wine and requirements, it is an out of the box wine cooler.
  • Sleek design and compact – This wine cooler is extremely compact due to its slide out shelves. The design is sleek and adds an aesthetic feel to the rest of the décor. It does not occupy too much space, it could sit snugly next to your couch.

Advantages over competition

  • This is a fuss free wine cooler which is easy to use and operate. It does not have too many complications like dual zone, multiple temperature controls etc.,
  • It is reasonably priced and affordable for most people. It is great if you need a basic wine cooler which offers decent features.
  • Compact design ensures that it does not occupy too much space, it does not have a free standing style shelves. This helps it reduce the height of the refrigerator considerably.

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 Kalamera 12 Bottle Counter Top Stainless Steel Wine Cooler Refrigerator

This comes with two capacity variations – 12 bottle and 28 bottle.

This has a stainless steel door frame which makes it easy to maintain.

Most others have glass door finish which may be prone to scratches. The appearance is upgraded compared to its predecessor. The key features are mentioned here.

  • Improved appearance – The build is durable and has an improved appearance. It uses stainless steel door frame and handle.
  • This makes it easy to maintain. It has a very compact design which fits well within your kitchen and aligns appropriately with your interiors. Many people prefer to use stainless steel interiors in the kitchen, a wine cooler which has stainless steel finish is sought.
  • Capacity – It offers 2 major ranges of capacities 12 bottle and 28 bottles. This can be used for a small get together to a medium sized party.
  • No-noise motor – It uses a low noise, low vibration motor which ensures that there is limited disturbance. The low vibration ensures that there is no disturbance of wine sediments. This is extremely important to ensure that the wine ages naturally.
  • Easy to use control panel – There is a digital display which ensures that the control temperature is easy to use. The right temperature range is 50~66ºF, this is important to keep the aroma and taste of wine intact.

Advantage over competition

  • A unique stainless steel finish which is easy to maintain and ensures that it is scratch free
  • It is a slide out model, this makes it extremely compact interms of height reduction
  • Light weight, it weighs around 26.2 pounds which makes it easy to carry around 

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Koldfront 18 Bottle Free Standing Dual Zone Wine Cooler, Black and Stainless Steel

This is yet another stainless steel finish wine cooler with a dash of black.

The capacity is 18 bottles, with a slide out model.

It has a very sophisticated look with stainless steel frame, black cabinet and wooden shelf.

There is larger version with added capacity available under this brand. The key features are mentioned here –

  • Temperature – The top zone temperature is 54° to 66°F and the lower zone temperature 46° to 66°F. The top zone temperature is ideal to preserve the aroma and taste of wine over the long haul. The low zone temperature is ideal for serving purposes. You can set the temperature based on your requirement.
  • Great user experience – All the users who have bought the product have been impressed with the technical specifications and the look and feel. Also, the customer service and support is proactive and responds to queries promptly.
  • Good value for money – The product is not only great to look, it is built after much thought on durability. The wooden shelving is a unique feature and lends value to preserve the aroma and taste of the wine.

Advantage over competition

  • The design and sleek look of the product is unique. The wooden shelf ensures necessary temperature control to preserve the aroma and taste of the wine
  • A fuss free compact wine cooler – does not complicate things with dual zone and varied temperatures which may be tough to understand
  • Good value for money and great user experience 

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All the above products have similar features. They differ in the look and feel. There is also difference in the capacity and some technical specifications.

If you are someone who is extremely particular about the aroma and taste, you should particularly look out for the low vibration specification. These wine coolers are best suited for basic wine cooling requirement.

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