The Best Wine Refrigerator | Enthusiast Wine Cooler Reviews – 2017

Its Christmas time and people will bring out the best wines to party through the week right up to New Year’s Eve. For a wine enthusiast, wine cooler could be his prized possession. There are others who need a whole wine cellar to store their priced collections.

They just let the wine age which makes it tastier, this aging is best done in a wine cellar. For those who want to stock enough to last through the week long celebrations, a wine cooler would suffice.

There are many wine refrigerators in the market. A quick look at wine refrigerator reviews will reveal that you need to spend some time and effort to choose the one based on your requirement.

Wine Refrigerator Reviews | Best Models for 2017:

  1. Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle
  2. Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle
  3. Wine Enthusiast 272 03 18 05 Silent 18 Bottle

Among the many wine coolers available in the market, based on the positive wine refrigerator reviews, we have chosen three top products. These wine refrigerator reviews are unbiased.They are assessed based on their make, durability and capacity.

Wine Enthusiast Silent 32 Bottle Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator (2-Temp)

For a wine enthusiast, wine cooler should have enough space to accommodate his collection and maintain them at relevant temperature.

Different types of wines will require different types of temperature.

Best features

  • Capacity – The wine cooler has two 16 bottle zones which will fit 32 bottles. This is a decent collection to have for hosting a Christmas and New Year’s party on a small to medium scale.
  • Temperature range – The top zone temperature range is of 54-66°F and the bottom zone temperature range is 46-66°F.
  • Technology – The wine cooler employs silent cooling technology and dual zone for reds and whites. This ensures that the wine cooler does not make unnecessary sounds to cause inconvenience to the inhabitants. Also, the demarcation of red and whites ensures that they are treated differently in their preservation effort.
  • Touchscreen controls – There is a LED display unit with touchscreen controls, which makes it easy to handle. There is no meddling in terms of knobs and settings etc., 

Advantages over competition

There are many aspects in which this product scores over its competition; the key ones are mentioned below –

  • Dual zone demarcation is a unique feature, which ensures that the whites and reds are treated differently.
  • This wine cooler is silent and does not make too much noise; it just has a mild humming noise which emits from the unit. If it is not filled to maximum capacity it is quieter
  • The temperature range ensures that the wine is stored at the desired temperature and retains good quality 

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Wine Enthusiast Silent 18 Bottle Two-Temp Touchscreen Wine Refrigerator

This is yet another offering with similar features, the capacity is slightly lower.

Most wine coolers these days come with a dual zone which ensures that the taste is protected.

The shelving size in these wine coolers is of standard Bordeaux size bottles. 

Best features

  • Temperature – The temperature range is top zone 54-66°F and bottom zone 46-66°F adjustable as required. Dual zone demarcation for protection of reds and whites.
  • Settings – LED digital display with touchscreen capabilities. This makes setting up the temperatures very simple. It is almost an out of the box equipment if you have ample knowledge regarding the right temperatures for preservation and serving. The bottom zone temperature is considered ideal for serving and the top zone temperature is considered appropriate for preservation.
  • Capacity – It has 4 pull out chrome shelves with 18 bottle capacity. This collection should suffice for a small party you may host for Christmas or New Year.

Advantages over competition

  • Dual zone demarcation protects red and white wine and retains original flavour. The manual explains the ideal setting for preserving and serving the wine.
  • Built for durability with metal exteriors. Has a sleek design and glass finish for the door
  • Light weight, weighs only 45 pounds overall. It is portable and can be moved if required. The dimension are such that they fit within a small place 

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Wine Enthusiast 272 03 18 05 Silent 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler with Upright Bottle Storage

Another 18 bottle capacity wine cooler which offers excellent technical advancements, this one too offers the dual zone cooler facility.

It has the silent motor, which ensures that there is no disturbance when the wine cooler is running.

The standard Bordeaux size bottles can be made to stand conveniently. The more the number of bottles, the higher is the sound emitted from the wine cooler. 

Best features

  • Technical specifications – This is a thermoelectric, energy-efficient, CFC – free wine cooler. It has ETL approvals which certify that it is energy efficient.
  • Capacity – This 18 bottle wine cooler has the dual zone which can hold red and whites separately. There are 2 shelves where the top one holds 8 and the bottom one holds 10 bottles.
  • Temperatures – The top zone has an adjustable temperature range of 54-66°F and bottom zone adjustable temperature range of 46-66°F.

Advantages over competition

  • Narrow tall build, unlike the rest of the wine coolers which have a stout short build, this one is built tall and narrow. It has a very sleek finish which lends an aesthetic feel to the rest of the décor in your house
  • The dual zone offers ability to treat the whites and reds differently. Also the temperatures can be set for preserving and serving based on the requirement. 

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All the wine coolers discussed above are the best available products in the market. They are ideal for storing both white and red wines. They are built for durability and have metal and glass finish. They lend an aesthetic look to the rest of the décor.

The wine cooler is an important aspect for a wine enthusiast; technical aspects have to be evaluated to ensure that it meets your requirement. These products are best suited for a medium sized party where you can host close family and friends.

If you are a serious wine aficionado, you may have to use a wine cellar to store and age the wine. For others, who intend to stock enough to get them through the parties, a good wine refrigerator would suffice. You could choose the one based on the capacity and technicalities.

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