CounterTop Wine Cooler | Kalamera 12 Bottle – Review 2017

Wine experts are of the opinion that wine should be stored at an optimal temperature to preserve the taste and quality.

How often have you wondered whether it is too hot or too cool for your treasured bottles of wine, especially when you don’t live in favourable climes and have a cellar to store them in?

If you think of the ideal storage  for your wine collection all the time, it is time to get yourself a countertop wine cooler.

While there are a hundred brands to choose from, why settle for anything lesser when you can have the Kalamera 12 Bottle wine cooler refrigerator?

Whether you have a mouse hole or an entire hall for a kitchen, the Kalamera wine cooler will fit into it with ease. While fitting neatly on your countertop, it will make you realize how you exactly needed this in your kitchen.

The doorframe and handles are made of stainless steel and the glass doors add a touch of elegance to it by highlighting the sleek wood shelves on which you can stack your wine bottles.

With no compressor in it, the refrigerator ensures pin drop silence. With nothing to move around your bottles, the sediment in the wine is kept undisturbed and still. This ensures that you get to taste unmatched quality each time you unscrew a cork.

Countertop Wine Cooler Kalamera 12 Bottle: Best features 

  1. Spaciousness 

The first concern that comes to your mind when you purchase bottles of wine is whether you have enough space to fit them in. For a small family of 4-6 members, the Kalamera countertop wine cooler is perfectly suited. It can easily hold 12 standard bottles of 750 ml each.

White wine bottles tend to have wider bases and you will often find yourself struggling to fit them into your wine cellar. This refrigerator offers enough space to fit in these bottles.

What’s more, the racks are designed for durability. Even with a good amount of weight, they slide out easily, making space an issue you will want to forget as long as you have this wine cooler to keep.

  1. Environment-friendly 

We are all dealing with the consequences of polluting the environment beyond its limits. If you need to add one reason to preserve the air we breathe, the Kalamera wine cooler is your best bet. The refrigerator does not have a compressor which means it does not need to operate with Freon that is directly responsible for the depletion of the ozone layer. This is a significant reason to support its usage.

  1. Silent operation 

Your PC is making sounds, your phone is vibrating and ringing, your refrigerator is gearing up for the day and your pressure cooker is whistling away. What you need at this point in time is one machine to run in silence.

Consider your prayers answered when you buy the Kalamera wine cooler. Owing to the fact that it is a thermoelectric wine cooler, it does not have a compressor. This means that it is almost silent as small fans inside it distribute the temperature evenly.

  1. Wine quality

The Kalamera wine countertop wine cooler runs on thermoelectric technology. It eliminates the need for noisy compressors which means that you wine quality and taste is preserved.

  1. Temperature maintenance 

This wine cooler features a digital touchpad along with an LED temperature display. This will help you to set the accurate temperature meant to preserve wine. Wine is best stored between the temperature range of 50F-66F and this wine cooler maintains the same interior temperature. It is suitable for preserving both red as well as white wine.

  1. Exterior and interior 

The wine cooler features a stainless steel door frame along with a black exterior. It also features beech wood shelves on the outside. The interiors of the cooler have blue LED lights that enhance the aesthetic appeal. They will also make viewing of your wine bottles in dimly-lit rooms convenient.


What we did not like about the Countertop Kalamera 12 Bottle Fridge? 

  • A few users have reported that the cooling is not sufficient and takes too long to reach the optimal level. This is an issue with most wine coolers and might also arise from the fact that the coolers are not being maintained properly.
  • Since the shelves do not have s safety stop, the wine bottles might fall if the shelves are pushed far out.
  • Although it is advertised to fit in 12 bottles with ease, you might have tough luck fitting in oversized bottles. Regular-sized bottles are best suited for this wine cooler.

How is the Kalamera better than its competitors?

Considering the fact that there are other wine coolers in the market that could solve your purpose, why would you opt for this particular model? Listed below are the ways in which this is a better choice than its competitors:

  1. The Kalamera countertop wine cooler is an inexpensive option when you compare it with the other wine coolers offering similar features. With an elegant design, sturdy construction and incredible features, it is surely a better choice in terms of not stretching your budget unnecessarily. 
  1. Wine coolers could be heavy and relatively difficult to move around. The Kalamera wine cooler is light in weight and compact enough that makes it portable. Its design and build is versatile enough to fit into any room and not necessarily the kitchen.

Despite the fact that it is designed to be placed on a kitchen countertop, it can be easily used in the living room as part of the extended bar unit. This versatility is not offered by most wine coolers. 

  1. The biggest reason that a wine lover would want to invest in this cooler is the fact that it maintains the taste and quality of the wine. Since it does not use a compressor, there is no movement of the wine bottles and hence the sedimentation is not disturbed. Eliminating vibrations completely is a special feature of this wine cooler that not many models can boast of. 
  1. Has your wine cooler setup been a big hassle? Consider yourself sorted when you buy the Kalamera wine cooler because assembling it is a breeze. Owing to the fact that it has detached components and clearly labeled dials, it can be installed without any professional support. 


Coming from a long and popular line of household devices, the Kalamera countertop wine cooler is your solution to preserve your best wine bottles. While reading wine cooler reviews, it is but natural to feel confused about choosing the best but with this wine cooler, you will be paying the price for quality and reliability.

While delivering unmatched quality, the Kalamera wine cooler is competitively priced. It offers a lot more at an affordable price that most other expensive wine coolers will not be able to match up to.

Considering the fact that it does not offer you features like automatic defrosting and dual zone operation that more expensive models can boast of, it is perfectly suited for a small family that needs an entry level wine cooler.

While your standard wine cooler would upset the sedimentation of your expensive wine and ruin the taste that you are expecting, the Kalamera wine cooler promised to offer you noiseless, vibration-free cooling for optimal taste and quality.

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