Freestanding Wine Cooler | Koldfront 18 Bottle Review – 2017

Whether you are a wine collector or a wine lover, you would be aware of the fact that wine bottles need careful handling to preserve its aroma and taste.

Wine is considered to be a delicate and perishable brew.

If wine can be stored well, it can last for a really long time. However, if the temperature, at which wine is stored, is not maintained, the taste can deteriorate after a while.

When you want to maximise the quality and taste of your precious wine, the Koldfront 18 bottle stainless steel freestanding wine cooler is all that you need.

You can now store wines of different kinds and quality at favourable temperatures. This is a wine cellar that makes use of thermoelectric cooling system to ensure that your 18 bottles of wine are as unmatched as they were the day you brought them home.

The wine cooler has two ranges of temperature settings; one that ranges from 54F-66F and the other from 46F-66F. The two different zones of temperature are controlled by a key panel. An LCD temperature screen is also featured on this wine cooler to make temperature adjustments more convenient for the dual zones.

Freestanding Wine Cooler Koldfront 18 Bottle – The Best Features: 

The Koldfront wine cooler is bound to enhance the aesthetic appeal of whichever area it is placed in. Owing to the functional LED light that comes along with a glass tempered door, you can watch your wine bottles cool away for hours. The blue light adds to the beautiful ambience of the surrounding areas.

The exteriors of the wine cooler are made of stainless steel and are sleek and black along with door handles. If you happen to place this cooler in your living area, it is sure to enliven it.

The Koldfront wine cooler features golden shelves that bring back the appeal of old wine cellars in history. They add a sense of tradition and historical richness to the design.

Apart from its aesthetic values, the wine cooler also sports a security lock to ensure that your precious wine bottles stay out of the reach of burglars. If you have children at home, this lock will keep your kids out of harm’s way.

There are other significant features of this wine cooler that are listed below, without an order of preference:

  1. Dual zone 

There are two zones of temperature offered by this wine cooler. The first one is a range of 54F-66F and the second one is a range of 46F-66F. This dual zone allows a user to store red and white wine at their highest temperatures respectively without compromising the quality of either.

  1. Stainless steel exteriors 

The stainless steel exteriors with a glass-tempered door provide a stylish appeal to your house and are versatile enough to fit in with all kinds of decor.

  1. Zero vibration 

Since there is no compressor at work, the thermo-electric cooling mechanism ensures that noises and vibration are completely eliminated while the temperature is sustained. This keeps the wine sedimentation undisturbed and the quality of wine is maintained.

  1. Key panel 

The dual zones of temperature can be regulated by a control panel that is centrally positioned. This control panel has an LCD display and adjustment buttons that make monitoring of temperature quite convenient.

  1. Interior lights 

This freestanding wine cooler not only ensures that your wine bottles are preserved in the best conditions but also enhance the viewing experience of your guests at home. The soft interior lights show off the beauty of your wine bottles even in the darkest of rooms.

  1. Security system 

With a safety lock, your wine bottles are ensured absolute protection from burglary or theft. Additionally, your children are kept away from harm because of this safety feature.

  1. Wooden shelves 

The aesthetic appeal of this freestanding wine cooler is taken one step ahead with the wooden shelves that slide out to stack 18 bottles of wine. This adds to the classic look of the cellar and makes it worth the pennies invested.

What we do not like about it 

There are two areas that could do with some improvement and are listed below:

  • Although the manufacturers proudly claim that 18 bottles can be accommodated into this wine cellar but it would have been better if slightly bigger bottles than the regular Bordeaux-type could fit in.
  • The wooden shelves could have been more accommodating. At present they are slightly cramped and if not slided in carefully, they could go out of the rack-guides and end up in an unforgivable disaster.

What makes the Koldfront wine cooler stand out? 

  • Provision of dual zones

Not every wine cooler would provide you with dual cooling solutions. The one problem that a wine enthusiast often faces is the issue of storing red and white wines in the same cooler while both have slightly different temperature ranges that are ideal for them. This wine cooler offers you dual temperature zones that can store white and red wine bottles with ease while maintaining the ideal cooling solutions for both.

  • Cooling technology

You have your ordinary wine cooler that cools your wine bottles while running noisily all day. This freestanding wine cooler uses thermoelectric cooling technology that does its job without any annoying vibration or noise.

Moreover, the cooler makes use of temperatures set by users and maintains them without any hassle. The cooling technology it uses is much more efficient than its counterparts in the market.

  • Convenience

This wine cooler at hand offers convenience wrapped in an elegant and classy appearance. The wooden shelves are not only beautiful to look at but also functional in the sense that they slide out effortlessly to hold the wine bottles. You will not even have to open the doors for more than an angle of 90 degrees to fit in or take out a bottle or two. This is unlike other wine coolers/cellars that need more space to open up.

  • Intelligently designed

This wine cellar is intelligently designed to fit in beer bottles and even cans of your favourite beverages. The makers clearly understand that a get-together might have people who are fond of other drinks and they have designed the cellar in a way so as to accommodate a lot of things other than just wine bottles. The lower shelf of the unit is designed to cater to this need. Not many wine coolers will be able to claim this feature.


Most users have reported that the Koldfront freestanding wine cooler is worth the money spent. The compact size and portability are two major factors behind its popularity. Yet another reason around its hype is the fact that a wine cooler of these dimensions generally does not have dual zone temperature range.

This cooler does and keeps both white and red wine bottles in perfect conditions. If you have just started collecting wine bottles, this will be a great starting point for you. This is also perfectly suited for wine connoisseurs who like preserving regularly consumed wine bottles so that decanting is easier.

With a beautiful display, highly functional features, convenience of use and intelligent designing, you can never go wrong with this equipment in your kitchen or in our living room.

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