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If you are a wine collector, it is understandable that you want nothing but tender loving care for your wines.

But if you are not one and think that you can simply chuck that bottle of wine into your kitchen cabinet then you need to get some facts straight.

The temperature plays a very crucial role in keeping that bottle of wine tasting as good as it should be. If you are going to just keep a bottle at room temperature for a month or so, you may get away with it.

But if you are going to store your wine any longer or have an aged wine then you either need a wine chiller or a proper wine cellar.

As building your own wine cellar requires enough space, time and money, not to forget enough knowledge about building one, a wine cooler is a much easier and effective option. As there are many options out there in the market to choose from, it can be quite a daunting task to pick the right out of the lot.

Reading up on wine cooler reviews can be a good place to start as they will give you a clear idea of the product instead of just the boring technical specs. Here is a review of a great product, the Haier 26 bottle wine cooler that you should consider if you have a good wine collection that needs tender loving care.

Wine Cooler Reviews | Haier 26-Bottle Wine Cellar Best Features:

  1. Storage racks

The wine cellar comes with 5 chrome storage racks that have nice wood trims to securely hold your bottles in place. These racks also slide in and out to access your favorite wines easily and in style. To make it easier, the racks can also be completely removed if you need to make room for taller bottles.

The chrome storage rack at the bottom that does not have the slide in and out option and can be used for storing your white wines. Despite this cooler being a single zone unit, you can store both reds and whites effectively. The bottom rack will easily have a 10 degree variance and hence can be used for storing your whites while storing the reds on the top shelves.

  1. LED display and temperature controls

You will know exactly how cold your wine is from the large LED display that gives you the temperature inside the unit.  Using the electronic temperature controls, you also have the option to set the temperature either in Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

When you have all white or reds in your collection, you can simply use the automatic settings for reds and whites that will keep them at the optimum temperature with a single push of a button.

The cooling is brought about by the use of in-built compressors. With the temperature setting range of 41 to 64 degrees, you can easily store any type of wine in this cooler. 

  1. Auto- door stop

Don’t worry about disturbing your bottles out of their place while shutting the door as the auto-door stop gently brings the door to a stop even if you accidentally slam the door shut.

  1. Internal alarm

As if the large temperature display wasn’t enough, the Haier 26 bottle wine cooler comes with an in-built alarm which will warn you if the internal temperature goes beyond the 60 degrees threshold.

  1. Safe

Store your priced possession safely as this cooler comes with a lock and key to keep prying hands away and also keep them safe from the reach of children. Its dimensions are 14-7/8 x 22-1/8 x 34-1/4 inches and the less than 15” height makes it ideal for under the counter placement.

  1. Versatile

You can either choose to install this wine cooler into your existing cabinetry as it will fit easily under the counter or simply use it as a free standing unit.  This makes it a popular choice amidst wine enthusiasts.

  1. Value for money

This is a quality product with some great features for its price point. Therefore, it is not only affordable but is also great value for your money.

  1. Great looks

This stylish machine is sure to add to the décor of your room and will easily become the conversation starter in your parties. With LED displays, interior lights and steel trims, the cooler is quite a show stopper.

  1. Large

With a storage capacity of 26 bottles, you will always have enough wine handy for any occasion and to be party ready all year long.

  1. Easy to set up and use

You can assemble the Haier wine cellar in no time and what’s even better, it comes with the option of choosing which side you want the door to open from. Adjustable legs help you choose the height and level the cellar even if you have an uneven surface to deal with.

  1. Warranty

The entire unit comes with a full one year warranty against manufacturing defects and the compressor comes with a limited 5 year warranty.

Negative Points

You might find other wine cooler reviews that only speak about the positive aspects of the product. But we believe that a review is not complete without covering the cons of the product, however trivial it may be so that you can make an informed choice.

  • Interior lights – Though the interior lights look great, they cannot be turned off if you don’t want them on all the time.
  • Assembly – The cooler is not a total plug and play device and some amount of assembly is required before you can get the machine up and running.

Advantages over Competition

As there are many other brands that give you wine coolers with similar features and also at competitive rates, you would want to know what sets this Haier wine cooler apart.

Here are the features that makes the Haier 26 bottle wine cooler a better buy.

  • Front ventilation – The aroma of the wine can be affected by the surroundings odor but with front ventilation, the cooler unit gets all the fresh air it needs even when it is installed in confined spaces like under the counters and inside cabinets.
  • UV light protection – The gray tinted glass door protects the wine from harmful UV rays and hence you can practically place the cooler unit in any part of your house.
  • Temperature alarm – Your wine will never go bad as the in-built alarm will alert you if the temperature rises beyond 60 degrees.
  • Door-stop – Everything is so quiet and smooth about this cooler unit for the gentlest care that your wines deserve. The automatic door-stop feature allows the door to gently shut without disturbing the stored bottles.
  • Quiet – The cooler is so quiet, you won’t even know it is running
  • Full-view – The front has a flat glass that gives you a great full-view of all your wine bottles doubling up as a showcase
  • Affordable – The affordable price tag is a steal for a quality brand like Haier 


If you have been on the lookout for some good Haier wine cooler reviews, then we are sure that your hunt has come to an end.

The Haier 26 bottle wine cooler is great for wine enthusiasts and seasoned wine collectors alike as it has a good capacity to keep you ready for any party.

It will keep your wines at just the perfect temperature to let you enjoy their flavors fully and also store them for a long time so that your favorite bottle of wine is always ready to be enjoyed.

Enjoy the function of a dual zone wine cooler in this single zone chiller that has been made possible by its specialized design. With its quiet operation, great looks and consistent temperatures, you are sure to fall in love with it. The low price point just makes it an almost compulsive buy.

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