Wine Enthusiast | Silent 18 Bottle Wine Fridge Reviews – 2017

Are you a wine enthusiast?

Are you worried about your white wines and California Pinots degrading due to inappropriate storage?

If you are bogged down by these questions reading wine fridge reviews will offer you some solace.

Among the various wine coolers available in the market the wine enthusiast wine cooler is the best among the lot.

It can impress even the harshest critic with its sleek design, dual temperature zone and noise free operation.

This 18 bottle capacity wine cooler is a great choice for any wine enthusiast looking for an affordable and efficient solution for prolonging the life of their wines.

Wine Fridge Reviews | Silent 18 Bottle Wine Fridge Best Features:

Wine fridge reviews are never complete without mentioning the best features of the product. Below are some of the attractive features of wine enthusiast wine cooler.

  • Touch screen display

The touch screen feature of this wine cellar is one of the features that make it very special. It is located right at the center of the door. There are a number of buttons that can be used to adjust the settings such as the temperature of the wine cooler.

By using the temperature control effectively it is possible to enjoy well chilled wine any time of the day.

  • Thermoelectric technology

The wine cooler is designed using thermoelectric technology that makes it super quite. It also makes it energy efficient and does not make your utility bill run high. The wine enthusiast wine cooler is CFC free thus making it environmental friendly. The wine cooler is also approved by ETL.

  • Upright and sliding shelves

The wine cooler is designed with an upright shelf which is very useful if you want to keep an opened bottle of wine at serving temperature. The wine enthusiast wine cooler also has 4 sliding shelves made out of chrome.

  • LED lights

The interiors of the wine enthusiast wine cooler features LED lights that display the labels and shows off your wine collection in a beautiful fashion.

  • Glass top

The top half of the wine enthusiast wine cooler is made of glass. This adds a professional look making it a suitable choice for home as well as for any other space you wish to place the cooler.

  • Good Packaging

The wine enthusiast wine cooler is very well packaged and adequately protects the fragile parts of the unit. The wine cooler is available at a very fair price as the unit has a number of amazing features.

  • Return policy

The wine enthusiast wine cooler is backed with a 30 day return policy. it also has 1 year limited warranty.

In case of any queries, the customers can reach the support team representative through live chat, email or telephone.

Negative Points

The pros of the wine enthusiast wine cooler far outweigh the cons. But in order to present an honest review of the product below are some of the negative points of the wine cooler.

  • Door is irreversible

The wine enthusiast wine cooler is designed with a door that cannot be reversed. This may pose as a restriction in some homes while finding a suitable place for installing the wine cooler.

Another point to note is that the door cannot be locked. Therefore, it is best to keep it in a place where you can ensure the safety of the wines.

  • Sizing issues

The shelves are not designed to hold large sized Bordeaux bottles. But this limitation can be by eliminated by removing one of the shelves. Though, by doing so the bottle holding capacity of the wine cooler is reduced.

  • Standalone unit

The wine enthusiast wine cooler is not designed to be used as a built-in to cabinetry. It can neither be placed on a counter.  As it is free standing, the unit requires a dedicated space for hassle free operation.

Another point to be taken into account before placing the wine cooler is that it cannot be used in a closed space.

Even though the wine cooler does not produce much heat, it does require an open area to vent out the hot air. It should not be put in a place where there is direct sunlight as it can affect the taste of the wine.

  • Replacement parts

If any part of the wine enthusiast wine cooler needs replacement, the customers have to get in touch with the manufacturer. The replacement parts cannot be ordered from the product website.

Advantages over Competition

The wine enthusiast wine cooler has notable features that give it an edge over its competitors. Some of the major advantages that pop up in almost all wine fridge reviews of the product are as follows:

  • Design

The overall design of the wine cooler is very well thought about. It is sleek and compact.  It has a height of 37.5 inches and is about 9.9 inches wide. The wine enthusiast wine cooler weighs 36 pounds. As it is not bulky, it makes it convenient to keep it at home.

  • Body

The wine enthusiast wine cooler is built with a black body that has a series of striking stainless steel accents right around the corners.

The accents add a touch of sophistication and elegance which makes it a beautiful addition to your home. The wine cooler is designed with reflective smoked-glass door.

  • Dual cooling zone

The wine cooler is equipped with 2 separate cooling zones. While one of the zones can hold 10 bottles, the other zone can hold 8 bottles. Each zone has a number of shelves that can be removed to match your requirements.

The top zone is more attuned for chilling the red wines and the bottom zone is better suited for cooling the white wines.

  • Separate compressors

Each zone has its own compressor and hence it is possible to set different temperatures for each zone. The temperature range for the top zone is 54° – 66° Fahrenheit and the temperature range for the bottom zone is 46° to 66° Fahrenheit.


Wine coolers are very useful for protecting the wines from light, heat, humidity and vibration. All the four mentioned factors are known to adversely affect the taste of the wines. Therefore, if you are a wine connoisseur investing in a wine cooler is a wise choice.

Unlike wine cellars which are designed for long term, wine coolers are intended for storing wines for short term.

Before buying a wine cooler, it is important to read wine fridge reviews in order to get an understanding of the different types of wine coolers available in the market.

There are various factors to consider before purchasing a wine cooler.

  • The total number of wine bottles you wish to store
  • Whether you wish to store only red or only white or both types of wine
  • Are you looking for a standalone wine cooler or a built in unit?
  • The size of the wine cooler

The wine enthusiast wine cooler is the perfect amalgamation of all the best features you are looking for in a wine cooler at a very affordable price.

The wine cooler can easily accommodate 18 bottles at a go. as it has dual cooling zones, you can store white wine as well as red wine at different temperatures.

The wine enthusiast wine cooler is a slim and sleek standalone unit that can conveniently fit into any tiny nook in your house. As it employs a thermoelectric cooler it is very quiet and does not consume much power.

The wine enthusiast wine cooler is the ideal choice for anyone who appreciates good wine and understands the importance of storing it properly in order to preserve its taste.

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